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This oil on canvas (24" x 36")

 was painted from a 3" x 5" photograph.







  This oil is still in progress.

This is a reproduction of the portrait, Southern Belle, by Erich Correns, commissioned by LePavillon Hotel, New Orleans.  I reproduced the portrait in oil, from a 21 1/2" x 27 1/2" reproduction on board to a 36" x 48" canvas.  Hudson-Salah Conservations Studio, New Orleans, recommended that I wait one year before applying varnish to the painting.  At that time, I will mix pigment to the varnish to give the gold hue of the reproduction I copied. 

Working with LePavillon Hotel was a joy.  I feel indebted first to Cynthia Whittington, owner of Interior Motives who introduced me to her client and to Mr. Morin, Managing Director, for my rediscovery of portrait painting.  I was initially awed by the beauty of the hotel and quickly realized that the staff emulates the charm of this superior luxury hotel.  I was impressed by the hospitality and warmth of each and every member of the LePavillon staff, from the bell caps, concierge, desk clerks to Mr. Morin and his assistant.

                    Detail Photos:


This is a lithograph of "Southern Belle" by Erich Correns who was a German painter during the 19th century.  The following information has been found on the back of lithographs by Correns:  "Erich Correns was born at Cologne in 1821 and after studying jurisprudence at Bonn, went to the Academy at Munich and became an accomplished portrait painter and lithographer.  'Southern Belle' by Correns depicts a pre-Victorian beauty - the daughter of a rich jeweler.  Correns, one of the romantic painters of the early part of last century, made portrait lithographs after the art of original lithography was invented.  His keen draftsmanship is revealed in this dignified composition.  The original hangs in the Municipal Gallery of Munich where it is one of the main attractions.  Erich Correns died at the city of Munich in 1877." 

Note:  I receive many calls from people who own a copy/lithograph of this painting.  I received an email from the Municipal Gallery letting me know that they are "not allowed to give any expertise information about values" of the lithographs.  If you own a copy, my suggestion would be to contact an art restorer or antique dealer in your area for assistance in determining value.


Portrait of my precious daughter,

Cara, 16 x 20, Oil on canvas

The portrait was based on the 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"

black/white photo shown here.


 I am still working on this - I need to make her face more

narrow and reduce her right eye a little.






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