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Marble Columns, Bricks, Decorative

Mural Gallery 3 (Art for Children)

Faux Gallery

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Client Work Board






These photos are from one client who wanted their childrens' walls to coordinate with bedding and accessories. Justin Anders with Interior Motives Design & Decor, Inc. provided the creative ideas that I implemented.

Zebra Stripes



Indian Jungle

African Safari Mural



Lizzie McGuire Room The Cat and the Fiddle  
Bubble Bath Tie Dyed    
Hollywood   Metallic Waves Dragon and Castle Mural

Canvas Wall Hanging - Pirate Theme

Wall Hanging - Circus Biplanes  
Hummingbird, Dragonflies and Morning Glories - Border Paintings    
This design was inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit by the wonderful illustrator, David Jorgensen.  It is intended to be painted on 3 walls.  

If you would like a sample board  for a mural or painting for your child's room, please contact me via cell phone or email.  I can post designs to my Client board for your review.  Murals are based on size and detail of work.  Murals on canvas can be shipped anywhere and can be installed as wall hangings or wallpaper.














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