Patricia Delaney


Trompe l'oeil Gallery


Mural Gallery 1 (Residential)

Marble Columns, Bricks, Decorative

Mural Gallery 3 (Art for Children)

Faux Gallery

Furniture and Cabinets

Canvas Mats/Wall Hangings


Client Work Board






"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create

 a reality of the same intensity." Alberto Giacometti

Murals, trompe l'oeil, faux and decorative painting create mood and visually alter space. The possibilities are endless and intriguing.  Murals can be directly painted onto walls or by marouflage (painted canvas installed to surface/wall).  Decorative finishes include Colorwashes, Glazing, Old World Textures, Shimmerstone, Metal Effects with Shimmerstone, Venetian Plaster, Bellagio, and Raised Stencils.     

Pricing for murals and faux finishes are based on a per square foot cost determined by detail and technique/materials required.  References are available upon request.

Contact by telephone or email, patricia@patriciadelaney.com








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